Angie Caballero is Colombian by birth and was born with an innate talent for art. Her life and professional development has led her to varied and distinct disciplines: oil painting, acrylics, large murals, and currently jewelry design. In the world of jewelry, she found her true vocation. The art of making necklaces, earrings, and bracelets consists of entering into a meditative state and allowing the Universe to open the doors of creative and pure inspiration.

Angie Caballero recognizes that during the creation of these pieces is when she is truly connected with her personal essence.

Every piece is unique, elaborated during a process that is 100% artisanal.

The jewelry is realized with love and positive energy.

The aim of the necklaces, bracelets and other pieces is to provide an avenue for women to feel beautiful in their own skin, in a natural manner, without artifice.

The explosion of color and energy that the collection Forever Summer transmits allows women to connect with their inner youth, to feel fun and bold in the game of life, to live without fear as their 100% real self.

Angie Caballero has decided to create this collection in Costa Rica, the place that has allowed her to reconnect with her own vital essence. There she is inspired and expresses her art through rich colors, nature, and the flora and fauna of Costa Rica’s landscape.

Angie Caballero has been creating her unique and artisanal jewelry since 2006. Her collections have been presented in the high fashion catwalks of New York, including with Jenny Pakhman. Moreover, Taliana Vargas, Miss Colombia 2008, wore Angie’s collection during the Miss Universe contest.