Combination Shark Eye Gift Set

Combination Shark Eye Gift Set

Angie Caballero ™️ - Designer
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Angie Caballero Designer pieces are inspired by the flora and fauna of Costa Rica. Puro Color, Sweet Water, Natural Wild, Passion Fruit and Metamorphosis collections are hand painted and resined. The additional Blacksmithing is made in bronze, 18k gold plated.

Each piece is unique, made under a 100% handmade process. 

Your piece will be shipped within two weeks as each product is hand-made as each order comes in.

*Angie Caballero Designer and the flower design are trademarks of Forever Summer by Angie, LLC

Product specifications: 
Figure: Snail
Type: Earrings/Necklace
Figure size
Small: 3x2,5 cms 
Large: 7x8 cms
Measurement in cms:
Hoop size:  14 cms